Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spa Elements

ABBEY: It's been months since we had our last body massage. And good timing, my Citibank family gave me a complimentary massage at Spa Elements (Orchard MRT near Forever 21) which costs more than a hundred bucks. Visit with a friend, in this case, my "best friend", and can get the same treatment at 18sgd. 

So we went there after office, filled up the form and then a couple of minutes later we're in the room with our own masseur. I chose the light intensity massage. But still I felt it was a deep tissue one. Every stroke on my back and neck is painful but the muscles were relieved of tension. Two questions came from my therapist; "When was your last massage?" and "Do you know how stiff your back is?" I just smiled knowing where will the conversation will go. Anyways, I'm happy with the service. It was really relaxing.

WILL: December!!! We still celebrate our bf/gf anniversary and for this year we went for a spa. Post-celebration but I know still worth it. 

Friday. And all the people in Orchard Road were like ants roaming around in every shop. Abraham and I were on our way for some relaxation. As the Citibank Voucher indicates, Spa Elements is just near Forever 21(MRT). We walked found it few steps away from Poppeyes Restaurant.

I am so happy when I lay faced down on the bed. It has a heater. Warm bed makes me more relaxed and ready for some kneading. The masseur started the massage with medium pressure. She was hesitant to apply the deep tissue massage on me. So when I can't take the mildness of her touch, I blurted out to apply more pressure...and the enjoyment began. 

Aching muscles soothes right away. All the clenched fiber of my body begin to loosen up. What a relief!

Definitely a recommendable place. We got Abbey's session for free from Citibank. They gave us the voucher on his birthday month and an $18 for one-hour massage for your tag-along person. Good right? That's why we love Citibank Singapore. So what are you waiting for? Apply your credit cards now. ;)