Monday, November 24, 2014

The Rainforest Lounge @ Changi Terminal 1

ABBEY: The best things in life are free. Yes it's true. Citibank is giving perks to their cardholders  and one of them is to have a complimentary pass to airport lounges. We redeemed it on our last back to Philippines. 

The Rainforest Lounge is at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Just present your Priority Pass and voila, you can enjoy their facilities. You can take shower, have a nap on a bed, or have snacks. 

That night they were serving fried chicken drumlets, chicken curry, and fried rice. Croissant, slices of bread and butter were there. Have a cup or two of coffee, tea, sodas, juice or just plain water. 

We'll visit the other lounges when we travel again.

WILL: Wohhhhooooo! This is it! This is my first time to wait for my flight in a lounge and I am so happy to experienced this with my husband. Well, another addition for lists of our "first". 

The World's Best Airport housed a lot of lounges. Upon checking while we are walking inside Changi they have more than 10 lounges. The neareast to our gate is The Rainforest Lounge. 

We entered and gratefully welcomed by the staffs. We were there for the food. Not for the sleeping room, jacuzzi or to entertain outselves while waiting.. We are there solely for the buffet. Haha! Gluttony indeed. 

We are expecting biscuits or bread and butter but they served rice. Our flight is midnight and to fight the sleepiness that slowly sinking to us, we fight it with food and a meaningful talk  

Thanks to Citibank Premiere Miles for the complimentary Priority Pass.