Monday, November 17, 2014

Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill (EDSA Branch)

ABBEY: It is the festive time of the year again as Christmas is fast approaching. And to ride with the mood since its been a long time when we went out with our family, we went to SamboKojin (EDSA) for a buffet. We availed of their promo of 3 plus 1; 1 free for every 3 paying adult. 

The restaurant serves Korean and Japanese cuisine. They have crispy and spicy fried chicken, kimchi, ramen, chicken and pork cutlet, tempura and many more. Slices of meat (beef and pork), seafood and salmon for yakiniku. 

I like the most is the salmon belly; be it skewered or a slice only. It melts in your mouth after its cooked. Also I ate a lot of these for sashimi. It was totally a feast. Match it with bottomless drinks for less than 100 pesos to wash them down and your set. A buffet costs 750 pesos.

WILL: It is a wonderful time to get together with your family and isn't more wonderful to spend time with your cousins, nephews, tita and tito who you never have seen in flesh for years? 

It is a hard thing to organize a 17-adult-4-kid-and-an-infant party for a buffet dinner. Why? First, as usual I want that dinner that will not break my bank. Second, I want a place that is suitable for the kids to roam around and have an array of desserts that they can enjoy. Third, I need to checkout the food for Halal and non-Halal for our Muslim relatives. And the last thing I need to know if the place is chichat-friendly for us to catch-up in our lives. 

We arrived 530pm and the food was served at 6. When they saw our relatives wearing a hijab one of the waiter approached them to let them know what are the food served with pork. 

Faster than lightning, I approached the tempura ebi and seafoods that I do not do normally and I know that you know why readers. Haha! As usual, we always say no to rice for buffets. We always want to indulge on their viands. 

For 3 hours, we eat, talk, eat, drink, sing a happy birthday song, eat and drink again before we headed back home. 

Thanks to Ronnel our nice attendant for the day. We have availed their 3+1 combo, the oldies got their senior citizen discount, 50% off for Tito Bert and 3 free mini cakes for our November celebrators. 

Till we meet again aunt, uncle, couz and nephews. Thank you for sparing time with Mangila family. ;)