Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monster Curry Singapore at 313@Somerset

ABBEY: This place reminds me of a sad moment as my then girlfriend will leave Singapore after a month of visit. But the good thing is, we had good food at Monster Curry at 313@Somerset (Food Republic). 

So we visited it again. At less than 15sgd,  I got a large portion of chicken with matching dark Japanese curry sauce. Combining each bite with white rice and my hunger is solved. The curry sauce's spiciness is just the right amount; not too salty nor bland. 

WILL: January 2010, it was the end of my 2-month vacation here in Singapore. We spend our afternoon on a movie date and I craved for Japanese food back then and we found this great place in 313@Somerset. That was the 2nd saddest parting we have. That spot. It was all clear. The teary eyes and emotional voice.

After 4 years, we re-visited the place, now with a full smile. We see things brighter. We just reminisce the past and now putting an end of that sad part and replacing it with a great happiness. We well appreciate now the view of passing pedestrians and vehicles from level 5 of this building. We are so happy.

I ordered pork katsu. I love the taste but it would be lovelier if they have a wasabi. The serving is too big, I ate the ¾ and the rest was covered by husband.

This place is recommendable for a great food, great view and affordable price.