Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SilkBath Soothing Balance (Vanilla Botanics)

ABBEY: Coupon promotions are becoming popoular nowadays. Lately, we joined iMob SG. And as a VIP, I got Silkbath body wash 750mL for a dollar. 
The body wash smells very good and leaves your skin soft. It is as if you're being comforted by a very soft blanket upon application. Even though it offers VIP perks seldom on the last few months, I'm still hoping that they will again revive it and give us good discounts.

WILL: This is the second SilkBath product that we will use. First was when Abbey won at SilkPro SG giveaway. He got the SilkBath Extra Lighten (Grape Seed Botanics). Now we are about to review is the SilkBath Soothing Balance (Vanilla Botanics).

Thanks to SilkPro for innovating a fragrance like this. The Soothing Balance variant is really comforting. The sweet smell of vanilla always fills our bathroom. This cream is really bubbly that it will cover your whole body for only one pump. After rinsing it off, it definitely leaves your skin with silky feel.

Thanks to iMob for a $1.00 deal for this 750mL liquid body soap.