Thursday, November 20, 2014


ABBEY: With still a lot to learn in where-to-eat in Singapore, locating Pantler is a challenge. The cafe is at Telok Ayer street near Amoy Food Centre. 

The shop is famous for their choux creme (creme puff). Take note, this can be only ordered for dine-in. I've seen pictures online and I was surprised that its size is small. Not the ordinary creme puff that I'm buying. But hey, the filling is incredible; not too sweet and has very good amount of creme in every puff. 

We also tried chocolate croissant. In my opinion, the sparkling water is a bit high. Anyways the taste is ok. 

WILL: Blog is a very powerful tool nowadays in advertising and marketing. Husband and I follow also food and travel bloggers around Singapore and one of those is Keropok Man. Thanks for enticing photo of cream puff.

Abbey and I decided to have a dessert date at Pantler. Just a walking distance from our office. So after our dinner we directly went for a sweet splurge. 

Photos were really one of the greatest deceivers nowadays. I'm totally shocked to see a small size of bread. Actually smaller than my palm. To stop my weeks of craving, we ordered two choux creme but they only got a last piece. Abbey gave way and he get croissant for him plus a drink. 

I sliced and happily saw that the inside was really filled by creme. Extra happiness when I munch a roasted sweet peanut inside my cream puff. Now I know why they charged $5.90 for this small piece of heaven. 

Thanks again to Keropok Man! More more power to you man!