Friday, November 21, 2014

Pies & Coffee (Rochester Mall Branch)

ABBEY: If you want to relax by sound of rustling water and have snack as well, try to visit Pies and Coffees at Rochester Mall. The promo we got is for just S$24, you can have 2 pies with drinks. Usual price is around S$12 for pie only. 

I had Guinness Beef Pie. This comes with a little bit of "greens" for a side salad. The pie crust is thin, which is good because the fillings can really fill you up. :) It is delicious and full of flavour. 

The place can also be used as place of study. Reward yourself with a snack after you're done with your essay.

WILL: How about you've went to two clinics and found out that the doctors were all out for vacation? Husband and I just laughed for that misfits. Haha! Before our third hunt we decided to eat first at Pies and Coffees located at Rochester Park. 

Calming sound of waterfalls greeted us. Abbey and I decided to go for al fresco dining for us to linger with a very relaxing sound of dropping water. 

I have Chicken Mushroom and Iced English Breakfast Tea. Well, I am so thankful that the meal comes with mashed potato and salad. Their mashed potato is very outstanding. The texture is smooth and cheesy. 

On my pie, actually I do not know if i will be happy that the filling is more than I expected or sad because of a thin crust of the pie. Haha. The chicken tomato filling blends nicely to the perfect pie crust. It so big that I asked my husband to eat the remaining quarter of it. 

It is indeed a perfect place for people to gather. Perfect place and perfect food.