Monday, November 10, 2014

Icon Hotel North Edsa Manila

ABBEY: Since we visit Philippine as fast as the blink of an eye, we need to maximize our time there. So it means we're either in our friends' house, cafe, or restaurant. Going back home is not an option for us due to security reasons. We always plan to crash at a hotel to spend the night. And then we came to know of Icon Hotel North (near North EDSA MRT). 

In their name itself, the hotel is all about worldwide icons like Steve Jobs, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. They named each room with an icon and treated their guests as star. As promotion, a 12-hour stay costs approximately 1300 pesos. This includes buffet breakfast for two, wifi, and a premium room. They accept cash and credit cards for payments. 

WILL:  After working for almost 5 years in Singapore we don’t have a home that we can call our own. When we go back to Philippines, we always stayed at our parents’ home. And every time we’ll hang out late, we always decide to go in a hotel to check-in rather than bothering our parents. We are so lucky to go to Icon Hotel in EDSA. Thank you Denise for the recommendation. Why we are lucky? We got a decent room in a very affordable price.

The lobby is wonderful. The room is neat. The sheets were clean. Oh they have quilt, awesome! We only paid Php1,299.00 for 12hour stay with breakfast buffet. Although they offer only 5 main courses it is still better than nothing. This is a family hotel, a budget hotel that you can spend time with your whole family. You can totally relax as you cannot hear the honking of buses and revving of the vehicles. They also housed a pool and a mini theatre at the lobby. Almost perfect until I got to touch their faucet. Please scrub it before the bacteria will build up on that small portion of your room.

Concierge is always smiling and ready to accommodate all your needs. Salute to this brand new hotel. Already recommended to my family and friends. Please do check them out.