Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Hero 6

ABBEY: It's been months since we went to cinema. So before my natal day ended, we booked tickets for Big Hero 6 at Shaw Lido. 

Most of the movie goers were kids. Well, I'm a kid at heart; sometimes thinks and acts as a kid :) 

Walt Disney Studios made me burst into laughters as the movie unfolds. It is a story of a robot-fight-fanatic kid while his brother is developing the same for the purpose of helping the community. Lot of twists on the story and funny moments as well. Make sure to check Baymax's signature bump fist move and his scale of pain. 

Hire and Baymax is a good tandem. And with their whole team of nerd superhero, they are taking the world by storm. This is a good gift for my birthday.

WILL: It is my baby's birthday. Yeah my 31-year old boy's birthday. Haha! This is one of his birthday wish. So who am I to refuse on this childish request. Haha! 

The movie is all about siblings! Gosh! If siblings is the topic my heart melts so easily.

Good movie for children and adult with a young heart. I really want to feel how soft and warm Baymax is. 

Till next "Tralala". My rating 9/10.