Thursday, November 27, 2014

Honey Creme - 313 @ Somerset Branch

ABBEY: Traditionally, the birthday celebrator should be given gifts and should be thrown a party but either way, I'm ok. We got fried chicken meal from Jollibee. So to complete my birthday party food, I went to Honey Creme (313 @ Somerset) to buy dessert. 

They are selling soft ice creams with different toppings on cone and cup and opened in Singapore last October 26. That day the queue is not that long. It only took me 15 minutes to order Organic Cotton Candy Affogato  SGD6.20 (cotton candy and the ice cream is drowned with a shot of espresso) and Popcorn SGD5.50. 

The staff was surprised when I asked them for a carrier. They gave me a warning to eat it as soon as possible as it is a soft ice cream. Anyway, the ice cream is still chunky when we ate it. The one with espresso has better flavor. Not too bitter or too sweet, taste is just right as well as the creaminess. 

Payments are thru Nets and cash. Next time I'll try Dark Chocolate and Honey Comb. 

WILL: I am not a fan of ice creams. But I know how to appreciate the taste of this dessert.

It was Abbey’s 31st bday, and as always, I am thrilled what surprise he will bring in front of me. For 2014, he gave me soft served ice cream from Honey Creme. Gosh! He have the guts and a lot of effort to queue up on its long line.

After our dinner at Jollibee in Lucky Plaza, it’s time to make the judgment and see for ourselves why the people is lined up to this store at 313 @ Somerset. It is so creamy and the honey mix was really there! I love the cotton candy on top than the popcorn. I love to have again the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato. The cotton candy is so amazing to be consumed together with the ice cream swirled with espresso.

Next time, I will check-out the Honey Comb flavour! Thanks Abbey for the treat! And again, Happy 31st Birthday!