Tuesday, April 1, 2014

iLight Marina Bay 2014 - Asia’s Only Sustainable Light Art Festival

ABBEY : iLight Festival drew more and more visitors every after exhibition. And the light installations are getting better and better. It was displayed from The Promontory up to the The Esplanade. So it is a long walk for the visitors but they will enjoy them. The displays were divided to 2 paths.

Path A includes The Pool, Happy Croco, Wishing Tree, Lightscape Catcher, Floating Hearts, Joujou-Ours (Bear heads), The Guardian Angels (made from watering cans), Fool's Gold etc.

Some of the installations that attracted me on path B are Giant Dandelions, Cloud, 1,26 Singapore, Digital Wattle, The Wheels of Industry (pedal on to light up) and Celebration of life (A story projected in Art Science Museum).

We're looking forward for the next set of exhibits on the coming years.

WILL: Are you one of the people here in Singapore working just along the vicinity of Marina Bay Sands? Well, I am not! Haha! I am from Tanjong Pagar area and I always make a way to go to Marina Bay once iLight announced the opening of its event.

Instead of the usual that we always start at Merlion Park, that day we went first to Marina Bay Sands for a dinner at PasarBella. Then after fueling for a long walk, we went to Marina Galley to get some maps while waiting for sun sets for the exhibit to light up.

We walked out from Marina Bay Gallery once the evening hit Singapore. We started to take some photos from the huggable bears, to the floating hearts, colorful “the Pool”. I like the most at Route A is the Wishing Tree of The Living Project. I wished for money that time and on the following day, my husband received an unexpected performance bonus. Haha! Answered very fast.

Route B starts form the Helix Bridge to all the way up to Esplanade Area. My favorite here is the ArtScience Museum turned into a big screen and the floating football field opened for 1.26 Singapore installation. It nice to lie down and stare to the exhibit from below.

iLight 2014 hit Marina Bay way better than previous years. Thanks guys for the emails for keeping us updated regarding this event.

See you next-next year!