Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jollibee Singapore

ABBEY: Who wouldn't take a bite to a langhap-sarap Jollibee Chicken Joy? For us, every  come-back visit to Philippines we will always find a time to dine at any Jollibee store. That's why the buzz was all over Singapore when the news of opening a Jollibee branch hit the city-state. According to older Filipino expats, back then Jollibee was already here but was closed due to lack of market as they say. 

I was almost have gone to its opening day but it was a good decision not to as the queue is very long and the minimum wait time is 3 hours. Finally on Easter Sunday as we remit money back to Pinas we got our chance to visit the "busiest bee". 

In the front door, I posed with Jollibee and it made me feel like a child again :) we got two 2-piece Chicken Joy, spaghetti, chocolate sundae and Champ; all for little more than 30sgd :) Each bite put a thousand flavor in my mouth. It is as if we're back home for an hour; the place is homey and hasn't lost its Pinoy touch.

WILL: How famous is Jollibee in Philippines? Well, some mall housed two of branches just to accommodate the people who wants to enjoy the "langhap-sarap" foods that they offered. 
      Lucky Plaza in Orchard is indeed lucky to cater the first branch of Jollibee here in Singapore. Filipinos really love and missed the tasty servings of this fast food chain, that you must queue for 1-2 hours to enjoy the food. 
      We went there last March early morning 930am I already in line and waited for half an hour to be served. Like there is no tomorrow, I asked for 2 orders of 2-pc chickenjoy, 1 spaghetti, 1 champ burger and 1 chocolate sundae. Very sad that the Jolli-hotdogs were finished. 
      Gosh, like a child, Abbey and I bit the chicken with joy. The fries is really lovely. 
      It feels that we were back in our childhood, very happy to see Jollibee's statue in foreign land, I asked Abbey to strike a pose! 
      We will surely be coming back for more langhap-sarap experience!