Sunday, May 5, 2013

Planet Popcorn Singapore

ABBEY: I was skeptical at first what would be the taste and texture of popcorn that was freshly vacuum-sealed and put on the rack for sale. Normally it would stay there for a minimum of one day. So I was thinking that it would not that be fresh anymore. But I was wrong. Wilma told me that we got to redeem four pack of popcorn (priced at $6.90-$8.90) on Planet Popcorn. We collected them on their branch at City Square Mall. 

We picked caramel, original, cheese and chocolate flavors. They also have wasabi flavor :) 

When we got home, we opened a pack an tried it. Its as if the popcorn was just cooked hours before. They're still crunchy and crisp. Not too sweet or salty, just the right taste. 

No wonder it was a craze on other countries. Thanks Planet Popcorn.

WILL: Fret not if you are in Taiwan, Planet Popcorn docked on the shores of Singapore to serves us all. 
      We are the most lucky few to get a free samples of their mushroom like popcorns. Per participants will be getting 2 packs each, I chose Original and Cheese flavors, and for my husband with a sweet tooth, he picked Caramel and Chocolate. 
      This is vacuumed-seal pack and guaranteed ultimate freshness for every pack. When we open one pack, it is really crunchy and full of flavors. We ate the three packs and shared the chocolate flavor with the kids, I wonder what it tastes like, because the popcorn already finished in just a few minutes. Haha. 
      This is a craze in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Each pack have different prices, I will try their Wasabi flavor in near future. ;) 
      For bulk orders you can contact / 97300583.