Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marvel's (Singapore) : Iron Man 3

ABBEY: From all the trailers until the time I stepped on to the cinema, I was excited about the surprises that will be given by Tony Stark to his viewers. As usual there is his funny one-liners. His personal struggle is his anxiety attacks. He wants the love of his life, Pepper Potts, to be protected at all times at all costs. And this made toll on his sleep. As he configured all the suits to protect him and Pepper, one night he had a nightmare. Pepper just want to wake him up but the robot assume that she's attacking Tony. Pepper was surprised and disappointed as they cannot live a normal life. And she decided that they should take a vacation indefinitely. 

His enemy, Mandarin, developed a weapon that makes an ordinary soldier invincible and can regenerate and heal when hurt. Tony knew that it is a revenge to him and he worried more for Pepper's welfare. 

The film was great. On my opinion every installment became better and better. From Tony's antics, his girls and up to his "toys". I think as the movie ended the series has come to its final pace. With his house, suits, and shrapnel gone, it is time for him to live a normal life. But as he said no one can take away from him the he is in fact "The Ironman" ;)

The character that I liked is Tony and Pepper as a couple. Technically, they count only as one. While Tony's development really advances science, it was Pepper who reminds him to use it on good purposes. She learned how to tame the beast out of him. He turned away from womanizing and Pepper became the sole recipient of odd gifts from Tony (e.g. the big bunny). They are Yin and Yang of each other.

WILL:  After the Oz, this is one of the movie I am waiting for the year 2013 and I am not the only person waiting for it as this film made a record of breaking of S$4.6M over the opening weekend.
       How good it is? We bought ticket online one week before our planned movie date.  No lame shots, no yawns and even blinking is not an option. 10/10. Love this Iron Man and specially the man in the suit. ;)
       My favorite character at Iron Man 3 is the love interest of the mechanic, Pepper Potts. Women will make or break a man! Wootwoot! And this case, she is the primary reason why Tony should save the world. Girl power rises when she saved her lover not only once but twice. Well, I can say that Pepper also fits well in metal suit.

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