Wednesday, May 8, 2013

River Explorer Singapore

ABBEY: We got the complimentary tickets for this River Cruise when we bought tickets for Gardens by the Bay on an online deal promotion. 

We boarded their terminal near Liang Court. The cruise is different from the cruise we had near the Singapore Flyer as it has video narration on each boat. The narration gives information on each landmark that you will pass on. It also gives some unique trivia on places. It is the only time that I saw the old place of Merlion and the cost of building merlion is lesses compared when it was moved. 

It gave me a different perspective of Singapore skyline. The route has different stops in which you can alight but you have to pay when you ride back. The cruise give more information regarding Singapore's humble past. 

WILL: Do you want to really know the history of Singapore? In depth? Start the exploration with the Singapore River, as this body of water is one of the witnesses how this small land struggled its way to success. 
      Abbey, Chat and I decided to alight at the Merlion Park, but once we boarded the Singapore River Explorer's boat, we come to the decision to finish the cruise. 
      As the boat is sailing, there's a video explaining the places above us. The most interesting for me is the old place of Merlion and in detail how Singapore moved the icon to its new place, which is now the Merlion Park. Next one caught my attention was the flying saucer building, Singapore's Supreme Court. 
      Here you can imagine the drastic transformation of the before "dead" river and now one of the most visited part of this island by the tourists. 
      This exploration costs $18 for adults but we got this when we bought at Groupon the voucher for Gardens by the Bay. :) 
      Nice way to spend time. You will be relaxed by the splashing tides and the story-telling video. ;)