Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nylon Singapore 1st Anniversary Party @ Zouk

ABBEY: Sometimes I find it surprising when Wilma tells me that we got invited to a party here at Singapore. We attended the opening of District 10 at Star Vista as well as the Finals night of FHM Singapore 2012. 

Last April 26 we were invited to take part on the  first anniversary of Nylon Singapore - a lifestyle magazine. The event was held at the Zouk. At the entrance they have their photo booth courtesy of Hello Stranger. Each guest were given a coupon for a drink. Inside the bar you can queue up for popcorn or cotton candy. Sweet enough to maintain the energy and enthusiasm of the  guests. 

The program began at 8:30 with instrumental music from a live band. The celebration was graced by their April 2013 cover girl VJ Hanli. She was simple yet very pretty. The hosts got more attention from the guests when they started giving away prizes thru games. Being shy, Wilma pushed me to join their version of The Price is Right. You have to estimate the price of three Jabra headsets. I thought you'll gonna earn a point if your correct then the contestant with highest point will win a headset. The twist is whoever got the closest price, he'll take home the item. I won Jabra Revo white. It costs 248sgd. :) Cool, huh? They also played Movie quotes and the price is a hi-fi system. Chubby bunny is the last game. The participants will put marshmallows on their mouth then they will have to say chubby bunny clearly.  It was fun. The party ended with another performance from a live band. 

I'd like to thank Nylon for the price I got. When we arrived home we noticed that the cord of the headset wasn't in the box. I called Nylon and they told me to get it in their office. 

Now my price is complete. Again, happy birthday and more power.

WILL: The stars aligned in favor of us, as we both received an email for the confirmation of invites to Nylon's 1st Year Anniversary Party. 
      I am very overwhelmed to witness their celebration and begged Abbey to take a leave in his office that day. And when his leave was approved, I jumped with joy and hugged him. Haha! 
      When we arrived Zouk, we were welcomed by the Nylon's staffs, OMG, Sonia is so beautiful and sexy. After checking our names if we were enlisted, we were stamped at our left wrist and given a voucher for a drink. The Hello Stranger Photobooth was there to take some fun memories of Nylon's guests, cool!
      830 the party started by a band, I am David Sparkle, an instrumental rock band, well, I quite enjoyed, I find their music "soothing", weird? Haha. Then my most awaited part... The DKNY Fashion Show. I am really an enthusiast of fashion and that's why love fashion magazine like Nylon :) They held some games then wrapped up the party by another band, The Summer State. 
     The guests have amazingly doses by sugar to keep their spirits alive. Popcorn, ice cream and candy floss were there up for grabs. 
     Abbey take home a Jabra Revo headphone worth  $248 when he won the "When the Price is Right" contest, he also got a pink bag that have the Nylon's April 2013 issue, DKNY vouchers, Essential Shampoo and Conditioner, Liese Bubble Hair Color, Shiseido Lipsticks, Zouk stickers and lighter. 
    This is really amazing night, my husband told me that he never wasted a one day leave.
    Thanks Nylon Singapore! More power! More Fashion for gals and guys to published!