Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Singapore Maritime Week 2013

ABBEY: Wilma got a long story when she went to Singapore Maritime Exhibit on Vivo City last 2012. She told me that she was teary-eyed as she was dreaming of Philippines to be that bigtime in maritime industry. But in reality, it'll take maybe forever to be in that position. 

We went to Plaza Singapura and it happened that the exhibition was there. We went to it and I was amazed how this city-state became a prime in international trading. 

It displayed models of cargo ships that travels across the globe for business. In there also are models for oil rigs; the number one commodity in the world. You can get souvenir postcards as well as key chains. Along the exhibit is the T-shirt design contest. They were beautiful and eye-catching; but sadly there were no replicas for sale. Twas an informative and fun exhibit.

WILL: As I was educated by the history and humble beginning of now the busiest port of world, I am always on the look for next Singapore Maritime Week. 
      Last year, Singapore flaunt how they begin to dream, now, 2013 the Singapore Maritime Week flashed to the public how  successful the O&M (Offshore & Marine) engineering services this little island have. 
      They really want to tap and update as many people they can as MPA build three exhibits... In VivoCity, NEX Mall and the main is where we went, at the Plaza Singapura. They also ask students from different schools to design a shirt. So sad they do not have pieces for sale. 
      Well, we are so great that even we do not memorize the answer at the question, the people behind the counter gave as some cute keychains of Ponzi. :) 
      Next time! We can't wait :)