Friday, May 24, 2013

The Company You Keep Singapore Preview

ABBEY: It was a story of unsolved murder case caused by group so called "activists" (Weather Underground). A local reporter, Ben (Shia LaBeouf), who wants to have a big scoop of news dive in to get into the story deeper. 

One of the members were arrested (Sharon - Susan Sarandon) and an interview with her was the start of Ben's run. As he goes for his quest, he met Henry Osborne and truth comes in pieces from other people involved in the crime. 

Eventually the puzzle was being solved and mystery was unravelled. 

WILL: Okay it is just a movie, but the film runs from a aggressive reporter that outwit the FBI intelligence. 
      I admit it, when I saw the movie trailer in cinemas I really want to see this, very persuasive. 
     Nick cleared his name and get back to his home with his lovely daughter. 6/10 not so exciting but you will think and ask a lot of "why?" 
     Thanks to Shaw Online for giving us a chance to see it first here in Singapore.