Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marine Life Park | Adventure Cove Water Park | Resorts World Sentosa

ABBEY:  This the second water park that we visited in Singapore. Adventure cove is in Sentosa Island. Alight at Waterfront station and then walk your way to the Maritime musuem; a little bit more and then you'll reach Adventure Cove. The fee is $29 per adult and $20 for a child. Lockers are priced at 10 and 20sgd for a day. The largest is big enough to store items of a 3-4pax-group just like we had. 

Before getting wet we strolled the park and posed for snaps. There are 6 water attractions aside from the dolphin and sting rays shows. First is the wave pool, Bluewater Bay. As usual the people will flock once the wave comes in then will disperse once the waves are gone as well. In this water attraction are the cavannas (rent is 128sgd). It has curtains on all sides for privacy and has its own shower. But you can have a free cavanna at Seahorse Hideaway just across the Bluewater Bay. 

Then we tried Dueling Racer. In this you will ride a foam board and slide headfirst. You will be pitted against an "opponent" on the other track. First one to plunge and finish wins. We also tried Riptide Rocket. You will be taken up thru a conveyor then you'll plunge onto the slide. This process repeats for 3 times. Looks like you are in a roller coaster ride. After that, we went to Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister. These rides will send you twisting and turning on great speed which is thrilling.

I was excited when I knew that we'll be snorkling. Rainbow Reef offers a chance to any swimmer to interact on 20,000 colorful fish. Sadly sea water got inside my goggles making me panic. But it was a good try. The water is cold and deep. For other people who doesn't want to snorkle, you can buy fish food for a dollar and feed them at the edges of the water tank. We bought corndog and hotdog sandwich for lunch on a food cart. But Adventure Cove also has the Bay Restaurant for more choices. You can also easily find a table within the park. After lunch we relaxed on Adventure river. It tours you along the theme park and gives relaxation while lying down on your lifebuoy. The last 2 attractions we tried are Whirlpool Washout (giant water drain) and Spiral Washout (giant funnel). 

We didn't try the Splashworks as we don't know how to swim :) It is the part of the park where you can dive as the pools are 4 meters deep. You can have your balancing act on a balance beam or cross a tightrope. Last stop is the big bucket tree house. We waited until the bucket fills up and enjoyed the water splash above our heads. 

Swimming apparels and souvenirs are available at Reef N Wave wear at the park's entrance. This is a good way to quench the heat of summer.

WILL: My birthday is on summer and school holiday, and yearly my mom celebrated it with a big splash... Literally splash. It is somewhat an event to look forward to, not only by my siblings but also by mom's employees' family. So here in Singapore, I brought that, now not only for my birthday but also for our wedding anniversary.
      Some people think that Singapore is a boring place, do you feel it too? Well for me and my husband, we always see to it that every month we will be going somewhere we never been in Singapore. So on month of April, we say hello to Sentosa's new family attraction... The Adventure Cove.
      I am so excited for that 8th of April, not for me to swim but to fulfill my adrenaline side needs. I am ecstatic to the slides featured in their website.
      We bought the ticket for $29 each. We rented a one big locker for $20 and as soon we locked our things, we started to roam around to take photos and make a plan where to go first, but when Chat saw the Rainbow Reef she immediately asked if she can swim with 20000 fish. I agreed and Abbey joined her, not more than 2 minutes Abbey asked the lifeguard for help and he was taken out from the water.
     We went to our lockers and put in our camera. I am here for the slides so I am so excited to take some adrenaline rush slides. Firstly we went to Dueling Racer, Abbey and Chat wants to back-out but they are already in the queue and I keep on telling them that they can make it...that they will enjoy each and every ride. Actually this slide is shorter than the one in Splash Island. Its our turn and I told both of them to go first, to make sure that they will slide down. Hehe.
     Then we tried the first hydro-magnetic coaster...the Riptide Rocket. It really made me screamed and my heart pumped up a lot. This is really fun. Whirpool Washout, Pipeline Plunge, Spiral Washout was covered. We then take the opportunity to play with the waves at Bluewater Bay.
     As our tummies protesting, we decided to eat some hotdogs and take our food and soda at Seahorse Hideaway. There we watched the kids having fun with fountains.
     I want to accomplish something so I want to conquer one of my fear. Fear to swim with the fish. Well, I failed. Not more than 2 minutes in the water, I yelled for help. Help to take me out from the large sea water aquarium.
     As we waited for Chat to finish her date with school of fish, we look on around at Splashworks. After that, we decided to checkout the Adventure River. This is really a nice thing, the best part is when the sting rays seems hitting on me. The same sting ray keep on following me.
     Like a child we waited for the water to rush down on us at the Big Bucket Tree House. Before packing up, we decided to ate some snacks and walked our way to the second floor to for us to relax and see the dolphins from above. Half an hour we already packed and ready to go to 8 Noodles located at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa.

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