Saturday, May 4, 2013

UNESCO World Heritage : Historic Centre of Macao

ABBEY: This review is long due as our Macau staycation has been long gone. (February 2013) I can't remember all the names of the places that we've been but I'll try to recollect. It's a long walk but worth it. You'll be walking on brick roads (maybe you'll meet Dorothy on the way :)) 

Our first destination is Rua de Sau Paulo. It is only the facade of the structure but its very magnificent and intricate. Behind the facade is the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt. In here was displayed crucifixes, religious statues as well as paintings. On the right side of St. Paul's facade is the Macau Museum. But you have to walk up to get there. It is closed when we got there as we are early. 

Next stop is the St. Anthony's church. Adjacent to it is a Protestant Chapel including an old cemetery and Casa Garden. We stopped by McDonalds for breakfast. Last destination is Senado Square. 

You would definitely know that you're there since the buildings are painted with striking colors. This is where we also bought our stamps for our collection. Be sure to condition yourself to walk long but its great.

WILL: Do you want to travel to west but only have budget for eastern countries? Well the most appropriate place to go is Macau. 
      In Macau you can give yourself a treat if you visited on December to February. You can see the beautiful architectures by Portuguese and feel also the climate of western countries. 18degrees Celsius will be enough to let you wander on this little country without a sweat! 
     We went here last 2013 Chinese New Year and of course the Macau Heritage Trail is a must to see. You will never be wrong to on this trail since there is so many street signs, very tourist-savvy. 
    We went first to the worldwide-known landmark of Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul. In here we saw a group of Portuguese handling some free Bible to Chinese tourists. Its basement showcased some arts and statues of patrons. 
    After roaming the Ruins, we go for a challenge when decided to walk up to the Monte Fortress. This is the highest part of Macao Heritage Trail. Here also located The Museum of Macau. 
    We went down as the rain starts to pour. If you are not so sure where the next stop you will go, just grab a free map, connect with their free wifi named WiFi GO to double check your iPhone's compass. 
    Next stop were the churches up north of the trail, after we ate our breakfast and the rain seemed lighten, we walked and saw the Old Protestant Cemetery. Then we say hello to the famous Senado Square. The place is too crowded and too many shops, we will never know that we are already there unless we saw the street sign behind us. 
    We ended our long-long walk after we bought our stamps for collection. 
    This is a great bonding for me and my husband. Both lost in an unknown place, you will know the deeper side of your partner in this kind of situation. How you will handle the pressure to know your whereabouts while pleasuring your eyes with great foreign scenes. 
    Thanks to Abbey he never frowned and he knew now how to stretch his patience. ;) 
    You must go here guys, spend half-day in here and test your walking skills. :)