Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shakey's Pizza Singapore

ABBEY:  When I was a child only a few pizza parlor are available in the Philippines. One of these is Shakey's. I always pass by on it as the jeepney terminal to my home is adjacent to it. It was memorable to me because as we are about to ride the jeep a kidnapping incident took at Shakey's. Enough of the CSI story. 

Shakey's Philippines is represented by a mascot in a red-yellow suit with red cape. I don't know if they will have one here in Singapore. But it is good that they opened shops here. We went to their branch at Liang Court in Clarke Quay. We were warmly welcomed by their staff and we were given our table. We tried their salad, BBQ chicken wings, beef lasagna and of course their pizza (cheese lover). The servings are big. We shared the delicious meal and talked about anything. Its as if we went back to Philippines. The taste and aroma stays the same. We were already outside the mall when we remember that we should have ordered mojo potatoes. We didn't see it on their menu or maybe we were just excited to indulge on the pizza. 

So we went there for the second time and first ask if they have mojos. We got ecstatic when they said yes. We came there as we redeemed Wilma's voucher for a free personal pan pizza. The dip really complement the mojos. We enjoyed our second visit as much as we enjoyed the first. Coincidentally, we were given the same spot of table as before :) 

WILL: As I heard the news that Shakey's pizza opened its first branch at Junction 10, I asked Abbey to treat me there someday, but that someday never happened. 
      The Man above knew what I really want, He let me win a Shakey's facebook contest so we can dine at their 3rd and newly opened branch located at Liang Court. 
     As it is so accessible, after our cruise at Singapore River via River Explorer, Abbey, Chat and I walked for 5 minutes from Clarke Quay to Liang Court and dined at their newest branch, even without the voucher. Haha! 
     We ordered 1 solo meal which consisted of pasta, pumpkin soup and coke that costs $14.80, one 9" Cheese Lover Pizza coats $18.80 and Chat asked for a salad $4.80. 
     Pumpkin Soup is my favorite, gosh I am craving for this since last year, oh I really miss their pizza. I ate two slices and got so full. Abbey and Chat shared the pasta and I never got the chance to taste it. Haha. 
     Our second time in here was when we go for passport renewal. This time I make it sure that the voucher was with me. We ordered the free pizza and a basket of Shakey's Famous Mojos worth $4.50. When the mojos were served, we were shocked that it is too many for us to eat. Hmmm I declare that mojos here is nicer than the one in Philippines. 
     Thanks Shakey's Singapore for a great opportunity to dine for free. ;) Go guys to their branches from services to the food, you will surely be satisfied. ;)