Friday, May 22, 2015

Charcoal Thai - Mookata Steamboat Dinner Buffet (VivoCity Branch)

ABBEY: We had a visitor and we wanted to spend quality time over dinner. Ate Olga is one of Wilma's "caretake/ate" on her childhood. We dined at Charcoal Thai and ordered a Mookata BBQ for 11SGD. We got confused as we thought that our order is for a buffet. Anyways, a top up of 10sgd and we're good to go; unlimited food. 

The grill is having a mini "trench" where you can create a mini steamboat. Just be cautious of the soup level. We were given a plate of marinated chicken, pork and fat. They also have rojak, fried chicken, spring rolls and chips. 

I really love their fried rice. It has a lot of eggs and very tasty. Their light soy sauce, vinegar with minced onion and garlic really went well with the barbecue and fried chicken; add to it slices of cucumber. We washed down the food with a pitcher of iced-lemon tea. 

From 6pm to 8:30pm, non-stop talking and eating.

WILL: One of the closest neighbor when I was child flew in Singapore. Abbey and I were too excited to meet her but the new working schedule of hubby blocked an "immediate meet-up" idea. Anyways, its better to be late than never and we scheduled a dinner date with Ate Olga at Charcoal Thai VivoCity Branch. 

This is something new for me. A Thailand version of bbq/steamboat. We top-up $10 each person to avail the full buffet menu. 

They have the cracklings, curried chicken, the ever yummy fried-rice and variety of fresh meats like chicken, beef, pork, fish, and seafood for us to cook on our desire. Vegetables are also present. Their chilies and marinated chicken deserves a praise, those two are very suitable to my liking. 

Of course, while eating a dinner a non-stop catching up was done. Childhood memory flashing back...rushing back. 

iMob really rocking the world of vouchers here in Singapore! Good job iMob! Thanks for a huge discount on this meal. 

Charcoal Thai we will definitely comeback not because of food alone but also to your kind and all smile waitresses.