Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Singapore City Gallery

ABBEY: As far as land is concerned, Singapore has scarcity for it. Salute to the men and women of their government as well as their people. 

As their history tells, they faced many issues and problems before they got to the point where they are now today. Take Singapore river for example. It was told that you can smell its stink a mile from it. But now, it was one of the places to go to. Once they got their problems solved and all is well, the improvement doesn't stop. 

Singapore City Gallery shows the plans and proposed improvements for Singapore in the future especially in the business district. The gallery is located in The URA Centre at Maxwell road. It is near (across) the Red Dot Traffic building. It shows scales of Singapore business district and you can have virtual reality if you point the device on the markers. 

It also exhibits the works of British artist Stephen Wiltshire. He drew the Singapore skyline, out of his memory after a short helicopter trip. That was awesome. Other works like New York, Sydney, and London were also there.

WILL: Ok, you already knew Singapore's past. How dirty the roads are, how deep their floods were and the infamous stench produced by their dead river. And it was reverse all to positive and the outcome was seen by the whole world. But do you want to know more? Want to know the future? Want to know what they will create for the next years? Go to Singapore City Gallery. 

In here you can see their next projects. Which country they tie up with on researches on how to construct more stable buildings and have it secured in upcoming earthquakes or other catastrophe. It also showcases the intricate zoning of the city state. 

Attend the light and sound show to know more about the Singapore's CBD Area. 

Singapore City Gallery was just located near the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, 10mins walk. This is the best place to visit for engineers, architects and alike.