Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Cheese Steak Shop Singapore

ABBEY: We waited long enough for the Philly Cheese Steak to open in Singapore. And that is over. Chat invited us there to catch up. Maybe it's just Friday night and there's no activity in the sports hub so the place is empty when we arrived. 

I ordered King of Philly, a classic Philly Cheese steak with more beef and cheese. The beef is tender and moist. It goes really well with the melted cheese and hot sauce and some fries. 

The 10-inch sandwich costs almost 20sgd, which I find expensive. I hope they have more promos and could lessen the prices.

WILL: The day had finally came. The longing will be soon over. Ha! Abbey and I arrived at the Kallang Wave Mall first and we roamed around inside to look for our meeting place.. The Cheese Steak Shop Singapore. To our surprise, it was located just outside in front of Sports Hub Library. Secluded, that is the right word for me to describe the store. We are the only diners going inside and we were frantically want to find out why. 

Chat went to the counter to pay for our orders, thanks for the treat! Haha! I got the Spinach Cheesesteak. The meat is tender but I cannot say that it is appetizing. It lacks the flavor. I was stunned to see the prices. It is expensive. Sorry Chat. Now we know why there is no people dining in, while the other neighboring establishment was packed.