Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Peranakan Museum

ABBEY: We've passed by and entered Peranakan Museum many times but every time we went there, we're not able to spend time to see the exhibit as there were so many visitors during those times. So on the first day of Chinese New Year 2015, we planned to check it and see to it that we meet our goal.

On the first storey of the building were portraits of Peranakans; all in smile showing that they are proud of their origins.
A storey up and you will be amazed on the articles used in a wedding. Intricate designs were shown in dresses, accessories and furnitures. Wedding customs really differs on each race or ethnicity.

The third storey showcases the chinaware, different parts of the house like the kitchen and dining rooms. Another part of the exhibit is for the funeral. It is scary but its a good learning curve to know and respect others customs.

WILL: We all went to the museums around the Bugis-Bras Basah Precinct including Peranakan Museum. 

This is a 3 storey-building of former Tao Nan Chinese School is the home for the different Peranakan descendants. Here explains well the different people who married Southeast Asian people. And to my surprise “Tsinoys” are considered Peranakan too. 

The beliefs, glamorous lifestyles and food was well showcased here in this museum. An educational tour for the whole family. You can explore the whole museum for not more than 3 hours.