Monday, March 30, 2015

Gelato World Tour - Singapore

ABBEY: After a long walk in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve, we rewarded ourselves gelato. Not one but sixteen flavors. 

Marina Bay Sands held the first leg of Gelato World Tour. The tour will be coming to Rimini, Berlin, Austin, Dubai, Melbourne, Valencia and Roma.

Sixteen top artisan gelato chefs competed last March 20-22 wherein they showcased their own and unique flavors. Not that I'm biased but I rooted for my own country. The flavor is mango with ube (purple yam) and called Mango Ube Symphony. It was created by Zara Manikan under the flagship of Bono Artisanal Gelato. They won People's choice. The grand winner for Asia Pacific Finals is Sharon Tay of Momolato.

Other flavors I like were Kopi-Fah Sung Thong and  Croccante alla Fragola.

WILL: After our ecotour at pronounced ASEAN park, we decided to continue our day-off at Marina Bay Sands to check out the Gelato World Tour. 

Singapore is the first leg of the gelato artists to compete their works against each other. Singapore known to its hot weather submitted 5 entries, while Philippines have one. We arrived earlier than we expect and lucky to witness the presentation of each chefs to the panelist their gelatos. Its a great experience to see first hand the faces and gestures of the judges while their tasting the samples. :) 

The ticketing open and for only $12 you can get an 8 small tub of different flavors. I tasted it all except the Beer with Ciambella. I am not fond of the smell and taste of it so I do not dare to get some of it. 

What flavors that caught my attention? The Mango Ube Symphony. Maybe because of my native tongue. Congratulations Ms Zara Zaragoza-Manikan for winning the Peoples' Choice Award. She deserves it, the queue is non-stop to her booth. The Croccante alla Fragola also is tasty. We have different preferences so maybe what I like will be not appealing for you. :) 

Well, we will continue to checkout the final judgement on your last tour stop. Hope for you to visit Singapore again.