Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bamboo World Tour 2015 (Bamboo with Mitoy and The Voice Kids) - Live in Singapore

ABBEY: Rivermaya was my wife's favourite when we were on high school. Being her as my crush I need to know the lyrics of their songs, just to impress. So I have memorized most of them and little did I know that it will help me enjoy Bamboo's concert last March 15 in Singapore Expo.

The Voice Kids winners and Mitoy made the front acts.

Few points I found to be room for improvements for the kids:
Darlene: Improve on how to interact more with your audience. The quality of the voice and diction should be looked into. Choose songs that is for your vocal range. Yes, you can belt out those high notes but it is annoying when you're on the lows.

Lyca: Another product of sympathy votes, I guess. Aegis songs, yes. But need to enhance your talent more.

JK: Continue to harness your voice and serenade those girls.

Darren: Yes you are the total package, but please change your repertoire. Please, please, please!!! You're a dude, not a gal; unless you aren't. Change it soon, else you'll see yourself as one of the judges in "Your Face Sounds Familiar". Also, with your current acts, it is as if Sarah Geronimo is on the house. Get your own identity, man.

Mitoy really prepared the mood of the audience for Bamboo. He entertained the guests well. And he kept on singing while the crowd mugged him for selfie.

Then the rock icon entered the stage and set it on fire with his Rivermaya tunes like Awit ng Kabataan, Hinahanap-hanap Kita, 214, and Elesi. He also sang Noypi, Tatsulok and Hallelujah.

WILL: Cause time may pass; But longer than it'll last I'll be by your side... Am I real?

We got a VIP ticket for discounted price. Again, thanks Dr. Love Shelly! 

We arrived late..2 hours late. But the show just started. Out of four, JK stands out for me. I knew Mitoy way way back when he is performing at Eat Bulaga. I admire his voice and his comedy antics that make the people dance along in his music. From there I am Mi-Toy-O Fans Club. 

Bamboo MaƱalac! The man of the hour! Never fails to make me scream and sing-a-long to his music. It reminds me of my teenage years specially when he hit the crowd with Rivermaya's Ang Awit ng Kabataan. And suddenly my heart pound for the love of my country when I heard the "Tatsulok". The Noypi lingers to my veins as it described a life of a Filipino Expats. 

I Love Bamboo. Hope to see him in a reunion with other original Rivermaya.