Sunday, March 15, 2015

Custom-made Watch from Bicycles.Sg

ABBEY: We were sent a watch and asked to try it and give our opinions to it. It was said that it was a sports watch and it is unisex. But sad to say, it is not. I haven't got the opportunity to wear it. But it was a good accessory for my wife. 

The watch is white in color, big but lightweight, and has crystals/diamond on each hour. I hope they have a model for the guys.

WILL: Delighted to read an email for a product review. Too surprised that this blog was slowly making its way to spotlight. First, thanks to Bicycle Singapore for this opportunity. 

We received a white watch. Of course I love it because it is one of my favorite color. I wore it while working and before my lunch break I found some pencil writings on it. Yes, I am using pencils for writing. Instead of using erasers, I just used my fingers to take it off and it was gone. The surface is made of plastic, no need to worry about scratches. Inside was embedded by "diamonds" that it made look more elegant and formal. The bracelet was made of plastic, I run my nose on it after my sweat settled but it do not produce a stench. It is lightweight, it wont stress your risk at all.  

If you want cheap and with an "elegant" look watch. You can have this one. :) Please click here for more details. :)