Monday, March 2, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey

ABBEY: Disclaimer: The blog entry is for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey only and not about the whole trilogy.

We reserved a pair of seats on Cathay Platinum Movie Suites for 60SGD four days after its opening.

An eligible bachelor was being interviewed by a graduating student and instead of him being interviewed she was the one on the hot seat. By the end of the conversation, Anastasia just want to get out of his presence, literally out of the building, to breathe as she was hyperventilating due to intimidation.

Then the stalking began. Christian Grey knew almost all means on how to get to Anastasia. As a rich businessman he can gift lavish gifts to any woman just like what he did to Anastasia. I cannot say that he's manipulative as the girl also show signs that he liked the guy. He just wants to be always in control.

But under that successful, handsome, and young appearance lies the dark side of him (not Batman huh). He practices sadomasochistic activities as the submissive and now he wants to be the one making the plot.

Maybe not my thing and I felt discomfort when he hits the girl on the end. (Spoiler).

Let's wait and see what the second installment has to offer.

WILL: We procrastinate to check first the review of this movie before we started to queue for this movie. Of course some will tell that the portrayal seems ok and how good the actress and actor was and some will tell the opposite. 

And I can say is, that is why I do not want to go to the moviehouse if I had read the book. Well, it is not what I expect. Some scenes were missing and for days I cannot shake it off why they deleted it. Jamie Dornan is not enough to be Christian Grey.

But there is a feeling that I need to see the second and third sequel. :)