Saturday, June 1, 2013

Passport Renewal & Change Surnames | Embassy of the Philippines in Singapore

ABBEY: Philippine embassy never failed me when I'm applying for my OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate); specially when the appointment was made online. Once booked, I only spend less than 30 minutes; much less time than my travel going there. 

I was skeptical and uneasy when we are about to get our passports renewed. As the others say, you have to queue early morning as it will only process a certain number of applicants. What? Back again to "primitive" process? But I was wrong, just like OEC, book online and go in there with proper documents -duly accomplished passport renewal form, photo copy of passport data page, IC, and DFA red-ribboned marriage certificate for wife who will change their names, and on your scheduled time (the Embassy advises to come exactly or 5-10 minutes before but not 2-3 hours before). 
Still there is a queue for those scheduled in specific time slots but it will not take you more than 30 minutes. Once the number is called, go inside for passport processing. Make sure to check your particulars printed on the screen or else you'll go back to square one and then put your best formal pose as this will be your photo on your passport for the next 5 years. Once done, go out and pay 102sgd at window 6. They will give you a receipt and claim stub as to when you can get your passport. 

Another good service from Philippine Embassy. Keep up the good work.

WILL: I am not just renewing my passport, I am also changing my surname. We are here in Singapore so we checked-out what are the requirements for it. Abbey only needed 1.Our Singapore NRIC 2.Old Passport and 3.Filled-up Form (make appointment here). For me, just the same but additional marrage certificate from National Statistics Office duly certified by Department of Foreign Affairs. I phoned my sister immediately and ask her to go to DFA that week for this requirement. It was February, and all the schedule was full until end of March. So we ended up first week of April. 
      After a week, I received the DFA authenticated marriage certificate and we are just waiting for our scheduled appointment. 
      Dear Kababayans, please observe the proper attire when going to our embassy as the shorts, sleeveless and slippers were prohibited inside. There is no queue when we went there and that was the result of proper planning done by our good embassy, the scheduling system really helps not to flock all the Filipinos inside the embassy. 
      As we approached the counter, an all-smile girl is there, checked our documents and put it on queue, she asked us to go inside the office and wait for our turn for them to take a photo of us. After the photo session and verifying documents, we were asked to pay at the counter. As easy as that, no fuss at all. 
     27th of May we got our new passports. :) This is a better service. Two thumbs up for this. 

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