Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dôme Cafés Singapore

ABBEY: When we got our vouchers for Dome Cafe we decided to visit their branch at Dempsey Hill. I tried their seared fish fillet; and it comes with fries and green salad. 

I also had mocha. The taste is delicious and texture is very fine. It is served on a fancy mug. Dome Cafe also pasta (starts at less than 15sgd) and sandwiches at less 10sgd.

WILL: First of all, thank you Citibank credit cards for this vouchers. 
      I got a breakfast when Abbey is from night shift, a very yummy sandwich and tea from Dome Cafe. Then when I got the chance to choose for Citibank vouchers, I intentionally chose to have a $20 voucher on this cafe and I want to invade their branch at Dempsey Hill(I am really curious on this place). One stone, two hits. 
      After our remittance in Lucky Plaza, we hit bus 123 after 20mins we are at the Dome Cafe. I really asked Abbey to allow me to drink a coffee. Its been 6months since my last cup of it. Abbey agreed then I savor to their cappuccino($4.60). I enjoy the every sip I had done. Haha. 
      Since it was Saturday, I just ate the free lunch from our office, so I only asked to order one seared fish fillet to share. The fillet fish is so soft and their tartar sauce and mango dip made a difference to others. 
      You may like to visit their Dempsey Hill branch, another way to spend a weekend.