Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clipper Organic Nettle & Peppermint Infusion Tea

ABBEY: This is one of my favorite tea fusions. I have tried their berry and mint infusions. At 7sgd per pack (20 tea bags), its reasonable. By the way that is the price when the tea is on sale :) I forgot the original price. The mint infusion keeps me relax as it leaves a trace of mint in your throat and nasal passages. I told Wilma that its like a mint gum soaked in a warm tea. I like berry as its aroma fills my workspace when I prepare it. I prefer berry with crackers or pastries and mint by drinking it alone.

WILL: Not only Abbey but also Chat is turned to be a tea drinker. She read about the benefits of tea leaves in our body then she decided to go for it. I recommend her to try on the Detox flavored Clipper's tea then when she got at Cold Storage in Vivo, she saw that all Clipper's product was on sale. I grabbed the chance, rode a bus to vivo and bought two packs of Peppermint flavoured tea. 
      The taste? Refreshing! Even I am drinking a hot tea it seems it was iced cool when I breathed in the after taste. This costs $3.95 on sale.