Friday, September 28, 2012

Maroon 5 in Singapore GP 2012 Concert

ABBEY: Ring....ring....ring.... And the lights went out. People screamed as they wait for Maroon 5 to come out. It became louder when Adam sang the first few lines of Payphone. The crowd went crazy as the band played along. Payphone is a hit song and hearing it live will make you ecstatic. They also sang Lucky Strike, Won't go home without you, She will be loved, and Moves like Jagger. The audience sang with the band and danced too. Others even made posters for them. Their performance is worth the wait; good thing we got fanzone wristband :)

WILL:  Before leaving the scene on our Singapore F1 week, we examined the route that we must track for the next day, we don't want to miss a single word from Maroon 5. Haha. 
       8pm, we went to Padang Stage to watch Bananarama. Almost all in the fanzone knew them even the teenagers sings and sways along with their songs. While sitting on the grass, we stared on the big screen on the stage to see the race and patiently wait for the Maroon 5. 
        After the cars were done running, a loud phone rings from the speakers and the people screamed, including me. When I saw Adam, oh, Adam! Hehe. I intoxicated myself with his voice. Sing-a-long with every lyrics and danced off to the beat. 
        I love Maroon 5 since they start their business in music scene. Their songs were my companion every time I am all alone in a business trip, when I am sad, when my heart shattered into pieces. They made me stronger by their hit songs. 
        Thanks Abbey for letting me see them. Love u a lot :)