Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (Fanzone Winner)

ABBEY: So much had happened before the first of the race; bought early bird ticket at 178 per person, the tickets were upgraded from Zone 4 walkabout to Fan Stand at Pit Straight, and got a Fanzone wristband for Katy Perry concert. 

This is my first time to watch the Grand Prix since I set my feet on Singapore. Excitement rushed on me as the Gate 1 opened on the first day. I went on Fanvision kiosk to get our complimentary Fan Friday gadget. This is an electronic device that lets you view the live feed from the circuit park and it also shows the statistics on the race as well as what the audience says on Twitter. Then I took a snap of 3D artist Leon Keer. His drawing is awesome. You're like into the picture itself. I also scout our designated seat which is close to start/finish line. We were located on Turn 23 of the circuit.

Security on the 3-day race is tight but it doesn't give any inconvenience on my experience. Food and beverage kiosks were strategically place on each zone like Hard Rock Cafe, Ottoman Kebab and Grill, Pitstopper, Quiznoz and Shiraz. We've also seen roving performances from the Vegas girls and magician at Zone 1. All attendees were in high spirits as the engines revved and thr race started. It only rained once on the race duration but the show must go on. The bleachers became more and more occupied until the final race. But before that the drivers had a parade riding on vintage cars. Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore leg but Fernando Alonso is still the leading driver. We invaded the track after the final race to get in Katy Perry's concert in time. We didn't let the opportunity pass to take some pics on the checkered lane. The experience we had is great and we're hoping to be part again next year.

WILL: I am still breathing after 3 days adrenaline pumping F1 race. This month is full of blessings, blessings that we cannot contain, blessings that is very unexpected and one of those is when Abbey won a ticket upgrade, from Gate 4 walkabout ticket worth $173 to All-Access gates and Pit Grandstand ID priced $1288. Gosh, when Abbey saw that congratulatory email, he can't help it but to check every other hour on Singapore GP Facebook page. 
      To tell you honestly, I only asked Abbey to bought those tix because of the concert, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry and the fact that this is the last year of 5-year contract of Singapore GP to hold that event. Do not get me wrong, I love cars, I love racing, I love the sweet revving of its engines but what matter most for me is to see the performers. So when Abbey won the contest, I immediately checked all the things that must learn before the fast cars race in front of me. 
      As the 1st day came, it rained but the SGP never stopped the excited people to see the Porsche skids their wheels on slippery Singapore circuit. It was almost dinner time when I go there so Abbey and I hit the food stalls and chose to ate falafel. After the preliminary, GP cars and after our ears was baptized by an alarming sound of the race cars, I asked Abbey if we can go to the Singapore Flyer to have a aerial shot of the blazing track. As we have a blue ID, this is free. But before crossing, Abbey told me that we must return first the fanVision. When I heard that, I am so sad, that was a great piece, I can hear the commentaries and see the updated statistics of the race. We have that free for a day only, its $90 when you will rent it for 3 days. We went to Flyer and as our cabin starts to accelerate on top, I immediately sat to the best place I can have the best shot. So, so, good. This is a chance for a lifetime for us. Singapore GP, we are really grateful for this. I ask Abbey that we need to head home since I have office for Saturday. 
      Day two! Abbey is very early to queue and to get a fanzone ticket for Maroon 5. As early as 11am but then the gate 4 was opened 230pm. Long wait was rewarded. Haha. We go out from Gate 4 then we go to Gate 1 for us to see the race and have some complimentary tattoo. :) after  8pm, we went to Hawker Village for dinner. We bought subs at Quiznos and sat down to the grass inside the Fanzone in front of the big screen. There we wait for Bananarama and Maroon 5 to perform. 
      Final day, third day! 4pm we arrived the place and really concentrated to see all the racing cars burning all their wheels onto the pavement. I am really delighted to see all of them at my front changing tires and waiting for the go signal to run up their engines to the fullest. This is really an event that I cannot forget in my life. I internalize all the humming sounds of the engine, the skids of the burning wheels and the popping of champagnes. Congrats to Vettel for winning again here ing Singapore. He is really an awesome driver. He is one with his machine. After the champagne was blasted, we conquered the race track, took some photos  and tan our way to see Katy Perry at the Padang Stage. 
      Again, Singapore GP thank you so much! We will never forget this and we will tell this tale to everyone. :) We are so blessed. Buy your ticket for 2013 Singapore GP now, Avril Lavigne for Day 1 concert? hehe.. I hope so...