Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kneipp Singapore Cranberry Tea - Cleansing Herbal Tea

ABBEY:  This is one of the many products Wilma won from Kneipp. The tea is fusion of berries and other antioxidants. Just like Clipper's tea this tea is full of aroma. 

The taste is sour and sweet. As I drink, it keeps me relaxed and cheerful throughout the day.

WILL: Thanks to City Wander Walker for letting me to win a the Kneipp grand prize. We went to Guardian Paragon Branch and look for Ms Henrissa, hooray she knew how to speak Filipino. Abbey chose to have this tea.
      This cranberry tea is a drink for cleansing. We chose this, who will not want to be cleansed anyway? This costs $9.60. The taste? Awesome! We really like the taste of this tea. Cranberry really floats with every cup. 
      They have varieties of flavor to choose from that suits your needs. Next time we will definitely buy the pack of good night tea.