Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Love NATAS 2012

ABBEY: NATAS is a fair that travelers are waiting for. For 4sgd (3sgd with MasterCard) you can enter the fair and search for the travel package for your dream vacation. We went there August 26, Sunday. We were looking for Korea package but unfortunately we didn't find one. It's either its out of budget, too many days, or only Mandarin tour.  Only a couple of agencies are offering free and easy but the offer is only until the end of this year. In the end we just collected the brochures so we can plan what are places we will visit for our trip. Maybe next NATAS we can find our Paris tour package.

WILL: This is one of the event we are really looking forward to. NATAS stands for National Association of Travel Agent Singapore, so what we are expecting a bargain of tour packages and free and easy. 
      Early morning we woke up and marched pur way to Singapore Expo bought a discounted entrance fee by Mastercard and straight away started our hunt. 
      Many travel agencies offers Korea tour but no one has a english speaking tour guide is available for next year. We went to look for free and easy and the difference feom this free and easy is only $500, tsk tsk! 
      My dream collapsed but I will not give up to pursue my husband's dream. Haha. We left empty handed but now we are for plan B. :)