Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheels and Wieners

This diner is at located at 25A Perak Road in Little India. With table settings and decorations set at 1950's this will definitely get you back in time. The staff advised us to try their beef stew and bacon at 10sgd ( usually 25). I got their Five O with fries at 16sgd. The food is delicious specially the hotdog. The fries is a bit drenched in oil though. We munched on the food as we check out Chat's latest phone. 

WILL: Via viber, Abbey said, "On Monday we have a date." then I replied, "Let me check first my schedule.". All I can do is smirk when he send a sarcasm sms "Tsk! Too busy?!". Haha! 
Of course, who am I to resist the offer? So I free up my heavy schedule for that Monday and Chat is free too so we all meet up at Wheels and Wieners.  
      It was located in the heart of Singapore's Little India and surrounded by backpackers' flats. As we enter this restaurant, its like we blasted back to past. I got their Monday promo $10 for Jack's Beef and Bacon Stew. The taste?, awesome. The thickness and lovely aroma of the stew clicked well with the garlic bread. Abbey's one was served and after taking a bite, he told me to taste it. Exaggerated it may seem but the hotdog really tastes good. And so Chat's standard in food was met by this diner. We really love the hotdogs in here. 
      Before going back to our pads, I visited their washroom, and I was astounded also by its design. Unlucky, my bag and camera is not with me, never got a chance to take a photo. 
This is very recommendable. If happens that you are along Sin Ming Tower, pay a visit in here. :)