Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parokya ni Edgar 2012 @ Singapore

ABBEY: One of the greatest Pinoy band was announced to hold a concert here at Singapore last September 8 and 9. Originally it was a one-day concert only but became two due to overwhelming response of their fans. The concert was held at The Arena. We got there an hour before and the queue is already long. A couple of front act bands like Stella's Art built the crowd's excitement for the main artists. At last we heard there sound check. 

The crowd went wild as Chito and Vinci came up front. They sang Buloy, Picha Pie, and Maniwala ka Sana. Chito even made a request on his own band to sing his favorite, Halaga. And Vinci sang Elisi when he "applied as a vocalist of Rivermaya". The night was full of fun, thrills and shouts. It ended on a high note with Yes Yes Show.

WILL: Parokya in Edgar is a famous band since my high school days, but I am a Rivermaya fan.. Haha.. As I read the announcement under the Facebook group of Filipinos in Singapore, I immediately check the veracity of the event. Verified and screenshot, I emailed immediately to my husband, PNE is his favorite band, right there and then agreed to watch it. This is our first time to watch a Filipino performers to do live.
      As the long wait came to an end, we queue on a long line of people circling The Arena at the Clarke Quay. Gosh, it took us 1 1/2 hours before we reached the doors. Front acts, better not to comment. Haha.
      When Parokya enters, people starts to scream on the top of their lungs and then they hit the place first with Buloy. I am shocked that after a decade of knowing their songs, I still knew the lyrics of their pieces. Haha.. This band is so cool. I hope they will never part ways unlike other bands. More power Parokya in Edgar, thank you for visiting us here in Singapore.