Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Night Festival 2012

ABBEY: As per their posters I thought Night Festival will only be held indoors; and it wasn't. It was indoors as well as outdoors. First stop is the National Museum. We watched here the performance of Swingapore; an gymnast group that uses rings and drapes on their performances. Other galleries were open for free viewing. 

It was already dark when we went out of the museum and we saw the light and sound art in the walls that became a big screen for the projectors. Then we went on Armenian street. The street was closed as it was the stage for the Argentenian artist that was suspended on a harness, Fuerzabruta La Argentina. Drums, lights and confetti made the performance great. 

Percussion band were inside the Perenakan museum and they kept the audience upbeat with their music. The last performer is a fusion of Chinese drum band and beat box group. They were really  good. I'm impressed that they can produce different sounds only from their mouths. And with the accompaniment of good old Chinese drums, it's a classic. 

We also caught a glimpse of Singapore Arts museum as it was illuminated and "painted" by the projectors. The festival lasted until 2am but we went home before 12 as I have office the next day :)

WILL: Looking for some free night-out? Bras Basah and Bugis Precinct presented the Night Festival on last weekends of August. I know this is a very long due blog and I am apologizing since me and my husband was engaged in some career moves.
      We freed our scheduled for this event and all I know that this is a street party and museums are on Open House. After Abbey's shift, he went to our office to pick me and together we went to this event...and we're too early.
      As I got the program, we immediately went to Singapore National Museum to witness the Circus Swingapore, this are boys and girls doing acrobats using piece of cloths hanging from ceiling. It is amazing. Then we went to Wedding Gown museum. They portrays the evolution it and the different gowns from different Hollywood movies.
     After that, we moved our feet to Armenian Street. Street was jam packed, artists were just feet away from each other. And this is the part I enjoyed most, when the street was filled by confetti and a dancing lady in white is suspended by a rope and circling the whole road. It just turned the Armenian street a dancing ground. We went to Peranakan Museum to have a glimpse why there is a music of drums inside, the beat really made my hips to sway. Haha. As all our adrenaline was drained, we planned to go and leave the place around 9:30PM, but the DJ Koflow & beatboxers boys stopped our pace and stayed for another 30mins. Darl, they are so good.
     Next year, we will definitely go again here. This is a great event to showcase the local talents of Singapore.