Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2012

ABBEY: This is the third time we attended the Buskers Festival at Sentosa. We met Mama Lou; a fine lady with brute strength. She showcases stunts which proves how strong a human being is. From lifting things through her tongue to smashing an apple with her biceps; this woman is great. Next is the Mexican Rock and Roll duo. They did acrobatic acts and juggled with knives. Dangerous as it is, they managed to make their performance funny by their antics. Then we saw the magician. He picked a kid to be his sidekick and the child was game to participate. We had a lot of laugh for the magic tricks. It was a fun day at the festival. Looking forward for their next year's event.

WILL: This is the third annual celebration of Sentosa's Buskers Festival, and now they celebrated it along its 40th anniversary. New lineup of buskers gathered from all over the globe to made us smile. 
      We went here after my office hour, Monday. As we anticipated, more crowd is now flocking each performers. We saw four of the buskers, stunts. The Anonymous Brothers are really funny guys but doing a dangerous act. Ms. Adrian Conde of Argentina-Spain is a magician, every move is so funny and his hands is definitely quicker than my eyes. Mama Lou, I adore her body.. Haha! Guys must be intimidated by her strength. And the last one and definitely not the least, physics plus strength is the key of their performance from Canada and Peru, the LOL Brothers.
      That night is really is really filled by laughter. We are looking forward for this event every year. Thanks Sentosa for bringing this for free and for helping a charity. Oh, compliments to the sound systems for this year. :)