Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Scrub

ABBEY: I can say that I'm a fan of body scrub now. A clean body gives me a certain amount of confidence. When I tried this product the fruity scent gave me a refreshing feeling. I felt I'm more alive and energized. The salts leaves my skin soft and smooth.

WILL: Abbey signed-up The Body Shop - Love Your Body membership for me here in Singapore. He is the one who buys lotions for me. He knows when and what to buy. My husband is a really an ideal partner, isn't he? Ha!
      Well, being a member, I have the opportunity to know all the events and special promotions they have. They had this 70% warehouse sale, we bought this and stocked-up. Now is the time to try and test this body scrub. 
     As I open the lid, the sweet aroma of this scrub filled up the air of out bathroom. As I gently massage it on, the seeds from this passion fruit helps to scrape my dead skin off. As I washed, my body seems rejuvenated. Lovely isn't. Perfect for sensitive type of skins. 
    Visit The Body Shop branches and ask for the best body scrub that will suit your needs.