Thursday, August 30, 2012

Geláre Singapore

ABBEY: At last we set foot on this waffle house and that day they're offering it at half the price. Yes, you heard it right, Gelare in Suntec City Mall offers half the price for waffles every Tuesdays. I got their chocolate chip waffle and Wilma had the plain one; all for less than 10sgd. Each waffle has whipped cream and of course the syrup. It tastes delicious and very sweet. This is recommended for all who has sweet tooth.

WILL:  I am a lover of different breads and pastries and this waffle shop is not exempted. Since I got here in Singapore, I really dreamed of dining in here and that hope ignites more when I saw their 50% off every Tuesdays, hehe.
       At last!, for almost two years when we got the chance to dine in here. At their Suntec City branch, we savor its aroma then our order was served. Freshly baked waffles really makes my day! It is not too sweet and yet the taste is amazing. Love it a lot. Sarap!