Friday, February 17, 2017

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

ABBEY: We wanted to visit Harry Potter stamp exhibition but there is a fee. So we went there on a holiday, during 2017 Chinese New Year. And it is free. 

You can take snaps with your "luggage" halfway thru Platform 9 3/4 and with Hedwig. You can board a cabin of Hogwarts Express or the Quiditch broomstick, Dhoby, the wizards and witches' wands were there as well. 

Stamps and postcards were on the display. But one group caught my attention. It is the stamp version of Harry Potter book covers. For a minimum of 5SGD you can dress up with Hogwarts uniform and feel the wizarding world's magic.

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Stamps

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Wands 
Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Station 9 3/4

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Quidditch Ball
Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore

WILL: I have read this Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Exhibit at and as wife of a big fan of Harry Potter, I set a schedule for us to visit it. 

We celebrated the second day of Chinese New Year in Singapore Philatelic Museum. We arrived around 5pm and since there are live performances downstairs we took the chance to roam around the exhibition room with few museum goers. 

I am fascinated to see their different wands for different characters. They have a small cubicle in there for you to feel how the train is going to Hogwarts seems like. Broomstick with a nice background to have a photo op. You can rent costumes for only $5 (will be donated) as long as you can. :) 

I collect stamps and I am joyful to see those collector items and even postcards from different parts of the world.

A Harry Potter fan too? Don't miss this exhibit. Free for all Singaporean and PR. $8 for foreigner.

(Harry Potter) Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands
(A) 23-B Coleman Street Singapore Philatelic Museum
(D) 02 Nov 2016 - 25 Jun 2017
(H) Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm
(F) Adult: $8; Child: $6; 
Free admission for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents