Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spuds & Aprons (The Garden) - Faber Peak Singapore

ABBEY: We went for our pre-Hearts' day date here at Spuds and Aprons (Faber Peak). It was a lunch date. I was craving for laksa and good thing the menu is composed of local dishes. My eyes gleamed at the site of laksa though it is the dry-type, it is full of flavor; the spiciness and creaminess of coconut milk. 

Then I indulged in bite-sized samosas and spring rolls. I also had a couple plates of Hainanese chicken rice; each with different sauce like chili, soy sauce and ginger. 

They also have prawns, vegetables and steamed fish (the texture is almost like a pulp). The ambiance is great. It is on a high place with trees and good view of Sentosa and Harbourfront. 

Don't forget to sound the Bell of Happiness. Lunch buffet is from noon to 2:30PM.

Spuds & Aprons' Menu is inside of this video. 

WILL: So it is "Love" Month and everybody is going crazy what to do or what to give to their love ones. I am planning 2 dates for me and Abbey and Spuds and Apron is one of them. 

This nicely located restaurant is on the top of Mt. Faber. You can reach this by either using cable car, taxi (around $6 from VivoCity) or by foot (1.5 hours depend on your phase). 

It is a buffet lunch and I got it for a promotion of $14.00 each which includes a free entrance to Sentosa via Sentosa Express (usual is $29.90). 

They serves Local Singaporean Cuisine and I am looking forward for this since I booked it from 90 Days of Fun At Sentosa platform. 

There are only few choices but $14 is all worth it. There is shrimp which everybody (yes! Everybody except Abbey) is splurging of. I keep on coming back for the fish which is perfect for rice. Ohhh! I got their hot mung bean dessert! 

The view is perfectly romantic and no doubt this is one of the best rented place for weddings and other special events. 

Spuds and Apron..you rock! Thanks for accommodating our date without breaking my budget! Haha!

Spuds & Aprons - Faber Peak Singapore
(A) 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203
(H) 11AM–11PM
(W) https://www.faberpeaksingapore.com/eat-drink-shop/spuds-and-aprons

Buffet Lunch only
Buffet Lunch & Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Bundle
(Ride on Mount Faber Line & Sentosa Line)
(U.P. $62)
(U.P. $46)
Buffet Lunch & Mount Faber Line Bundle
(Ride on Mount Faber Line only)
(U.P. $58)
(U.P. $42)