Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant in City Square Mall in Singapore

ABBEY: At last we're able to dine at Saizeriya. We went to their branch at City Square Mall. The seats were like booth-style and the ambiance is like the diners shown in movies. 

I got garlic sirloin steak (12.90SGD) and garlic focaccia (2.20SGD). The steak is tender and flavorful. I ate three quarters of the way before I remember asking Wilma to taste it :) The smell of freshly-baked bread is really enticing. The focaccia taste great; soft and hot. 

For 3.80SGD, you can have whatever drink is there in the drink bar; sodas, juices, tea and coffee.

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

Garlic Sirloin Steak

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Garlic Focaccia and  Mozzarella di Ravioli

I had seen someone who dined here at Saizeriya and gladly announced in her Facebook wall that the food is not compatible with its taste. Well, as her comment posted, the food is yummy and yet it came with a cheap price. Who wouldn't be enticed on that right? And on that, I asked Abbey  to dine out and for us to check it on ourselves. 

We went for Saizeriya's City Square Mall branch. I went for Bacon and Mushroom Risotto, Mozzarella di Ravioli and a glass of Red Italian Wine. 

When the risotto was served, Abbey instantly saw my "dismayed-look". The rice or should I say "risotto" swims in its bowl of cream. Actually it cannot be considered as a cream, because its texture is like water. But because I do not want to ruin the moment.. our date, I took few spoonful and passed the rest to Abbey. 

My ravioli came and gladly it compensated my anxiety with the first food served for me. I indulged on it on every bite. Lovely! But when I sipped their S$3.90 wine, my face cringed and I took a long deep breath. Abbey immediately told me "What are you expecting for a cheap wine?", then I rest my case. 

I went to the counter with a smile and learned that I will be coming back to Saizeriya for their Mozarella di Ravioli and nothing else.

Saizeriya City Square
(A) 180 Kitchener Road #B2-55/56 City Square Mall