Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hattendo Cafe: Japan's Famous Cream Buns are Now in Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma is a fan of bread and pastries. And I hope you could see her lit-up face when she showed me a video of Japanese cream buns of Hattendo Cafe. All I heard, I want these, please? Then an idea came to me. I'll buy it, deliver to her office before I go to work. Next thing I know, I was queuing at the shop. 

Only 10 buns per person. So I connive with the ladies behind me and I left the shop with 20. Wow. We didn't eat them all, we gave some of them to her colleagues. It costs 2.50SGD a piece and needs to be refrigerated. Ice packs will be provided. 

The bun melts in your mouth and there is a good amount of filling in it. The filling is not too sweet so you can eat 2-3 pieces in one sitting as they are only bigger than bite size. 

We're not able to try the red bean as it was sold out. Five flavors to choose from: custard (signature), cream, chocolate, green matcha, red bean.

Hattendo Cafe: Japan's Famous Cream Buns is Now in Singapore
Hattendo Cafe Flavours
And Abbey's Note to Will

I saw a video of TheSmartLocal regarding a new store opened about cream puffs. Yes! I luuurvvve cream puffs. Immediately, I requested my Honeybunch to treat me some of those. 

I am surprised that he is in front of our office door, carrying three boxes of Hattendo's cream puffs. He didn't only treat me of this pastry but also some of my colleagues (no wonder they love Abbey than me). 

He gave me seven pieces of those and what I love the most of all the flavours is Whipped Cream. It is perfectly creamy and blends well with its "melt-on-your-mouth" bun of Hattendo. 

Abbey knew how much I love this kind of stuffs :) Thankie Abbey, TheSmartLocal and Hattendo!

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