Saturday, February 18, 2017

Milk & Honey: Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar (City Square Mall)

ABBEY: Wilma really likes frozen yogurt. But our regular go-to stores for it were closed in the celebration of Chinese New Year holiday. When she told me that we will be having dinner at City Square Mall, I immediately checked if there are shops serving frozen yogurt. 

Lo and behold, it is located at the second storey (02-K14) of the mall and its name is Milk and Honey - Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar. I got her Cara-bana (6.80SGD for Moyen size). Toppings were the same as with other shops but yogurt is creamier and smoother. And that is a plus for me.

WILL: Not all malls are offering Llaollao and not all day everyday they are open. And I am delighted to know that my husband researched about City Square Mall and where I can get a fix frozen yogurt and his caffeine. 

We dined at Milk and Honey. Their location is few steps away from Decathlon and nice spot for sightseeing the other mall goers. 

One spoon and my eyes went bigger. Milk and Honey's frozen yogurt is more creamier than my usual doze, BUT, their sauces and toppings are not that nice as the leading brand. 

Anyway this is still a good alternative but still an expense. Whew! I am getting out of Abbey's budget because of this. Haha! 

Milk & Honey: Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar
(A) 180 Kitchener Road #02-K14, City Square Mall
(T) 11am-10pm