Monday, November 30, 2015

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing The World Exhibit @ ArtScience Museum of Singapore

ABBEY: By visiting The Nobel Prize : Ideas Changing the World exhibit at ArtScience Museum, I got more knowledge about the coveted award. The founder Alfred Nobel stated on his will that his fortune should be used as prizes for those who excel in 5 categories: chemistry, physics, medicine, literature, peace and economic studies. The gallery displays the winners and laureates as well as the reason why they've been given that honor. Among them were Alexander Fleming (penicillin), Malala Yousafzai, and United Nations.

There is also an interactive game in form of a survey of what could be the future Nobel awards.

With these breakthroughs, inventions and maintaining peace and harmony the world will become a better place.

WILL: After we tour my siblings at National Museum of Singapore and a sumptuous meal at Baja Fresh we headed to ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay. We are there to checkout the Nobel Prize Exhibition.  

In there, the exhibit visitors were educated on how and why this noble award started. It was astonishing that mostly the things we use from day to day won this award. Like mosquito nets, the syringes and even some books that create a deep impact on humankind's lives. 

We definitely love this exhibit. It adds up to knowledge and the feeling of to do more for give back to society. 

To Nobel Prize and beyond! Cheers!