Wednesday, November 18, 2015

007 Spectre (2015 Film)

ABBEY:  When I saw the trailer to the newest sequel on Bond franchise, I find it interesting. From the time Daniel Craig became Agent 007 the story revolved on Bond's personal life. Maybe there are just too many instances where the villains' plans were thwarted by him so they are getting their revenge. 

As usual the gadgets being used as agents are cool as well as the cars. And the actions and the explosions on Spectre leveled-up compared with the previous ones. That's why they bagged a Guinness World Record. 

Still I'm not over the fact the the agent fell in love and being saved by his girls multiple times. Not a normal Bond thing. :)

WILL:  This is one of the most awaited film of the year. Ahm, actually all the 007 movies. Haha. 

James Bond, a well trained bullet proof spy. Haha. Action is non stop. Stunts are astoundingly done. This is why people at any age range loves this series of movie. 

Story: Predictable. Effects: Splendid. You entertained me and my siblings Bond!