Friday, November 6, 2015

Max's Corner Bakery ™ Delivery - Salted Caramel Tableya Cake

ABBEY: As we're longing foods from Pinas, whenever we have visitors we asked them for a little treat from home. Jhen came bringing a box of Max's Salted Caramel. Cake is not that appealing to me. If there will be other foods, I'll be eating the cake last. But when I tasted the moist but firm cake coated with sweet caramel, it is heaven. Great partner with coffee or tea as well. Thanks Jhen.

WILL: I once used the delivery service of Max's but was not for their famous kare-kare or for their crispy pata but for their cakes. I used it on Mothers' Day this year and all good comments how delicious the cake was pouring on my messenger. 

I had never tasted any cake from them. I got curious and luckily my friend Jhen asked want do I want from Manila for her to bring to Singapore. Without second thought I requested to bring me this famous Salted Caramel Cake of Max's Restaurant. And she did! 

The taste? The sweet caramel that surrounds the tableya chocolate cake inside is perfect! I do not need a tea or coffee to pair it. It can stand alone. Haha! Oh, please do not forget to sprinkle the salt on top of it. 

You can order here for your cake deliveries. :)